Palestra internacional com o prof. Waldemar Grzechca - Polônia

Como parte da série de palestras da disciplina Seminários da Pós-Graduação, o INF convida a todos para a palestra internacional do prof. Waldemar Grzechca, Silesian University of Technology, Polônia.
Mais informações:
Título (em inglês): Different Approach in Assembly Line Balancing Problem
Data, horário e local: quinta-feira, 13.11.2014, às 14:00 hs, na Sala 309 CA B.
Resumo (em inglês): First a short state of art of assembly line balancing problem will be presented (definition of assembly line balancing problem given in 1955 and its evolution into equalizing problem in 90’s). Different structures of assembly lines will be shown. Quality measures of final results: time of the line, efficiency, smoothness index of final results will be discussed. Next special cases of balancing problems in automotive factories will be considered. Modified measures for two-sided assembly structure will be introduced. Problem of incomplete structure in two – sided assembly lines will be discussed. Different approach to idle times in two- sided assembly lines will be shown. In the second part of presentation a complex structures in assembly processes will be introduced. A problem of Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing in assembly line balancing problem will be considered, too. At the end some complex structure of assembly system (job shop – assembly line or assembly line – job shop) will be shown in details (problem of setting down an appropriate cycle time of the system).
Breve currículo (em inglês): Waldemar Grzechca was born in Gliwice in Poland in 1964. He was graduated at the Silesian University of Technology in 1989 and he started to work at the same time at the Department of Automation Control, Electronics and Computer Science. He focused his research on accuracy of robots trajectories and robots applications in manufacturing companies. Next he has moved his research and interest to manufacturing systems. He studied different structures of machines (sequencing and scheduling in single machine and parallel machines configurations, job shop system, flow shop system, etc.). He is especially interested in assembly lines balancing problem. He investigates different types of lines and focuses on estimation of final results of balance of single and two-sided lines. He is author of more than 80 conference and journal papers which deals with assembly lines problems and an editor of a book titled Assembly Line – Theory and Practice.
Observação: para os alunos de graduação, a presença na palestra será contabilizada como atividade complementar.