Palestra Internacional: Dra. Nelly Bencomo - INRIA, França

Título da palestra: Requirements-aware Systems: a Research Vision

Data: 20/02/2013 (quarta-feira)
Horário: 14:00h
Local: Anfiteatro do INF


I introduce the notion of requirements awareness and argue it is important because software systems of the future will be self-managing and will need to adapt continuously to changing environmental conditions. Such self-adaptive systems need to be able to adapt to new environmental contexts dynamically. These contexts may be imperfectly understood during development time implying uncertainty that makes it hard to formulate, validate and manage the requirements. I argue that requirements awareness can support such systems by making requirements first-class runtime entities, thus endowing software systems with the ability to account for themselves, i.e. reason about, understand, explain and modify requirements at runtime. In this presentation I will discuss the ideas that support requirements awareness as a means to articulate some of the outstanding research challenges. I will also present some results of my work on requirements-awareness to date. More info can be found at