Alunos de CC do Inf com projetos aprovados no Google Summer of Code

Parabéns aos alunos Marcos Roriz e Murilo Vasconcelos que tiveram projetos aprovados no Google Summer of Code. Seguem breves descrições dos projetos de software livre nos quais os alunos estão engajados:

Projeto GNU

Student Name: Marcos Roriz
Mentor Name: Mario Torre
Title: Revive and Restructure the Escher project
Abstract: Escher is an implementation of the client side of the X11 protocol written completely in Java and is the library behind XPeer code in GNU Classpath. XPeer is an implementation of the AWT Toolkit based on Escher. The proposal objectives are to revive the project and sync with GNU Classpath, fix and refactor some parts of the API, and lastly start decoupling X11 specific code from the rest of the API, to allow other backends like the proper Java X11 code, OpenGL or DirectFB.


Projeto Boost

Student Name: Murilo Adriano Vasconcelos
Mentor Name: Vicente J. Botet Escriba
Title: Bits & Ints Library
Abstract: Handling binary data is a very tricky task and is very easy to do mistakes when hard-coding this type of algorithm. Making a library wich helps in manipulating of binary data would be very helpful because it could be used in a widely types of applications sice neither C++ nor Boost have utilities for performing bitwise logical operations on bitstrings. This application proposes a comprehensive set of these algorithms and data structures and intend to be useful, portable and efficient.